Monday, June 10, 2013

Manaton Midsummer Festivities - open for photo entries

Photo competition
Manaton Parish Hall: June 21st – 23rd
Please help to make this event a success – enter your photos by Friday 21st June.
·        Vote for your favourite images at the preview event (Friday evening) and over the weekend.
·        Adult and under-16 prizes for the most popular pictures in each category.
·        If you’re not  in Manaton that weekend you can still take part!
Photo categories
1.    Cities (and city life)
2.    Action (interpret this any way you like)
3.    Close-ups (of anything or anyone)
4.    Wildlife (fungi, plants or animals - on land, in the air or in the water)
Photos can be....
·        Any size up to A4
·        Colour or monochrome
·        Original or photo-shopped
·        On photo paper or ordinary paper
·        Taken with a camera, a phone or any other device
·        Taken at any time, anywhere in the world
Enter as many times as you like - 25p fee for each photo entered.
Please bring photos (with your name on the back) and 25p/entry fees to:
·        The Parish Hall:  between 10am and 5pm on Friday 21st June.
·        The Kestor Inn: during opening hours from NOW until 2pm on Friday 21st June.
·         If you’re not going to be around that weekend, please take photos to the Kestor in advance, or contact  Andrew Taylor to arrange delivery / collection: 01647 221456