Manaton Walks

Download the Three Parishes Leaflet to see a variety of linked walks between Moretonhampstead, North Bovey and Manaton.

Manaton is a picturesque moorland village that is a centre for walking and cycling in this part of Dartmoor.
The village is unusual in that it is split into two parts, ½ mile apart. The upper part contains the traditional hub of the village, with its 14th Century Church (St. Winifred’s), the Village Green, the Cricket Field, Village Hall and the sites of the original pub and school. The lower part contains the modern pub – the Kestor Inn – and a variety of housing, both ancient and modern, which grew up around the settlements of Water and Freelands. It is also home to Mellowmead Field - a wild flower meadow and recently planted orchard.
The recommended map is Outdoor Leisure No. 28 – Dartmoor (1:25000).
There are a number of variants to walks between Manaton and Lustleigh and possession of a map is highly desirable.
NB. Information in these leaflets are for guidance only. All walks are on public rights of way. The publishers of the leaflets take no responsibility for changes to signage or obstructions. All walkers do so at their own risk. Some paths are steep and may be wet in places. Appropriate footwear should be worn.

Short Walks (Under one hour) including
Walk 1. Manaton Rocks (1/2 hour) and
Walk 2. Manaton and Water (1 hour, plus pub visit if desired)

Medium Length Walks (under two hours)including
Walk 3 Manaton to Horsham Steps and return via Water (1 ½ to 2 hours)
Walk 4 Manaton to Water, River Bovey and return via Becky Falls (1½ - 2 hours)

HALF DAY WALKS - South and West (2 to 4 hours) including
Walk 5 Bowermans Nose and Jays Grave (2 to 2 ½ hours dependent on route)
Walk 6 Bowermans Nose, Hound Tor, Becka Brook, Leighon and Southcott (3 hours)

HALF DAY WALKS - South and East (2 to 4 hours) including
Walk 7 Lustleigh via (A) Horsham Steps and Hammerslake or (B) Water and Pethybridge (4 hours plus more if stop at pub(s))

WHOLE DAY WALK (6 hours incl. lunch)including
Walk 8 Manaton 10 Tors
This is a variation of a walk included in the “Ten Best Walks in Britain” (Sunday Times)

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